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Welcome to 81 Palms Senior RV Resort!

We are located in a serene quiet location nestled around a large fish lake.  Our many amenities include golf, swimming pools, paddle boats, fishing, fitness center, white sandy beach along the lake for swimming, volleyball, shuffle board, walking trails, hiking trails, picnic tables, grills, free internet access as well as our newly remodeled recreation room with large fireplace and scenic views that can be booked for private parties and family gatherings.  You will never run out of things to do!
If you decide you want to venture outside of the resort, within a 100 mile radius there are several historical and natural sites to see alongwith award winning wineries in New Mexico.  Here is a little information on what Deming has to offer!
Deming Luna Mimbres Museum–  2.2 Miles from 81 Palms, Located in the 1916 red-brick National Guard Armory building, the Deming Luna County Mimbres Museum has about 25,000 square feet of exhibition space. The visitor will find a bit of everything here including a Military Room, the Quilt Room, the Doll Room, the Transportation Room, Tack Room, and the new Main Street Display. The museum also tells of life in the Southwest, showing a Mimbres Room that showcases Mimbreno Indian Pottery.  301 S. Silver St, Deming, NM 88030 
City of Rocks State Park– 30 Miles from 81 Palms, Formed of volcanic ash welded together 35 million years ago, then sculpted by wind and water into rows of monolithic blocks, these incredible rock formations give City of Rocks its name. Hiking trails, a botanical garden and a public night sky observatory add to this unique destination.
Pancho Villa State Park–  37.4 Miles from 81 Palms, On March 9, 1916, soldiers led by Mexican Gen. Francisco “Pancho” Villa attacked the military camp at the sleepy border town of Columbus, New Mexico, killing 18 Americans. This was the only ground invasion of the continental U.S. since 1812.  Pancho Villa State Park’s extensive historical exhibits depicting the raid and the U.S. Army’s subsequent Punitive Expedition into Mexico are now housed in the park’s new $1.8 million 7,000-square-foot Exhibit Hall.  
St. Clair Winery– 7.7 Miles from 81 Palms, St Clair Winery has been a local landmark since 1984. Their traditions are preserved by Florent and Emmanuel Lescombes, carrying on their family’s six-generations history of wine-making. They produce over seventy different  wines under many labels, including Blue Teal, DH Lescombes and St Clair.  St Clair’s state of the art winery & New Mexico’s largest, offers numerous award winning wines for your enjoyment.  1325 De Baca Rd. SE, Deming, NM 88030
Luna Rossa Winery–  1.3 Miles from 81 Palms, The winery offers a warm, enchanting setting where visitors can enjoy great wines and wonderful times with family and friends. Luna Rossa was founded in 2001 by Paolo and Sylvia D’Andrea.  3710 W. Pine Street, Deming, NM 88030
Rockhound State Park– 15.2 Miles from 81 Palms, Established in 1966, Rockhound State Park consists of the main park and the Spring Canyon Recreation Area. The main park includes hiking trails and a visitor center on the west slopes of the Little Florida Mountains. The Spring Canyon Recreation Area is a day-use area located across the valley in the foothills of the Florida Mountains and includes picnic sites and hiking trails.
Columbus, New Mexico– 34.3 Miles from 81 Palms, has a fascinating history, a 24-hour border crossing, and varied and unique geology.  Columbus is home of Pancho Villa State Park, a museum, and a mild winter climate.  Columbus is a New Mexican village which attracts tourists, artists, historians, authors, and retirees from all over the United States.
Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument–  95.6 Miles from 81 Palms, Explore the world of ancestors of Puebloan people who lived in the Mogollon area over 700 years ago. Enter the village they built within five of the natural caves of Cliff Dweller Canyon. Become inspired by the remaining architecture.  Admire the spectacular views from inside these ancient dwellings.


The Catwalk– 120 Miles from 81 Palms, The Catwalk National Scenic Trail offers a fascinating glimpse into the geologic and historic foundations of Grant County. The result of cataclysmic volcanic actions, the area now offers a beautiful picnic spot next to Whitewater Creek, a challenging one-mile trail along the historic 1890’s mining waterway, and a sense of place that creates images of an earlier time